Partner: UNFPA

Year of Implementation: 2017-2019

Community theater is one of the strong tools towards sustainable development. It is the process of using drama to promote different values within the community or shed the light on some common issues. Community theater focuses on researching communal problems and try to proffer solutions to them. The nature of effective enlightenment and communication makes community theater very important in the socio-political and economic aspect of human life. It works on discussing and working out strategies for addressing certain community problems. It tries to present drama that can change, correct, expose, and develop a given community.



As part of Sanad Project, community theater training approach aimed to raise awareness on the impact of GBV within the community among Egyptians and Syrians. It will be the tool to induce change in knowledge, attitudes and practices around GBV and other harmful practices in the community. The use of traditional artifacts like mime, music, dance, costume, make-up, drama to inform, educate, develop, manage, and entertain the people are used. The team is capitalizing on the host community contribution and information to create their plays.



Three different teams were recruited and trained on using Community Theater as a tool to raise awareness against GBV in 10th of Ramadan (28 participants were trained through 30 sessions) , Haram (33 participants were trained through 32 sessions), and Damietta (25 participants were trained through 42 sessions).