Target Group

Etijah’s projects’  first and foremost aim is to empower youth, who are between the ages of 15 and 30 years old, by targeting three main groups:

1- Youth

2- Youth workers

3- Youth-serving organization.


Secondly, Etijah works to provide youth workers with education and training giving them the essential tools needed to work effectively with youth. Most youth workers make their way into the job market through the practice of their jobs, without formal education and training. Realizing this fact, Etijah aims to serve as a consultancy institute that develops and enhances professional cadre in Egypt and the Arab world.



Finally, Etijah works to build the capacity of governmental and non-governmental youth serving organizations through enhancing and dispersing development methodologies, which further empowers these organizations and enables them to maximize their abilities to better serve youth in a proficient manner in addition to ensuring the sustainability of their programs.