“Before joining Nawah team, I believed in many wrong customs and traditions (common in my community in Qena ) like FGM and early marriage. I have always thought FGM is really important for protecting girls as Islam said.  I also thought that girls should marry younger even before 18 years old.

Attending Nawah community theater training made me see really the reality of these beliefs. I understood that FGM has nothing to do with religion and it is even dangerous and child marriage for girls endanger her lives. I find it a good chance for me with the theatre to help changing these misconceptions in Qena and Egypt.”

Ahmed Tayb – Qena Governorate



Nawah Theatre training was not just a theatre training it came as a light in our life. It is the stories that we lived, we wrote about and we saw it moving in front of us. Nawah team for us is our big family with its 7 governorates.

Safa Faysal- Qena Governorate



Theatre for me became a safe space for me to express myself. It was my key to access all kinds of arts and use it for spreading messages to change people misconception

Mariam Malak – Qena Governorate



I feel I could in reality put a seed to change the community.  I have the power to change.

Zahra Yakob – Aswan Governorate