Etijah seeks to promote and facilitate the establishment of an equitable society in which all members (individuals, families and communities) have an opportunity to participate in building the social, political and economic infrastructure of Egypt. All of Etijah’s projects are geared towards creating a thriving environment in which all members of the community are granted an opportunity to progress and to improve the quality of their lives, and accordingly, that of their families’ and subsequent society.




Etijah aims to build capacities of governmental and non-governmental youth serving organizations so that it could provide a professional and a safe context for youth development in Egypt. This stems from Etijah’s belief that providing other NGOs with different sorts of assistance will lead to strengthening the bond between those organizations and youth. It will also lead to the transformation of youth from being beneficiaries to being active citizens. This will directly reflect on the efficiency of the partner NGOs.


“Etijah builds up practical means for youth development”