Partner: Sawiris Foundation for Social Development & Uber


Year of Implementation: 2017-2019


Etijah in cooperation with Sawiris Foundation for Social development and Uber are implementing an employment project called Meshwar Aman. The project’s main objective is to combat unemployment among Egyptian youth by building their capacities to join the labor market.  This is achieved by delivering capacity building training to young participants aged between 21 and 35 years old in three governorates: Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria. Besides, Participants will be provided 500 job opportunities as Uber Captains in the selected governorates after the end of the training.

The training sessions delivered by specialists aims at equipping the participants with necessary skills to have a job opportunity, such as: customer services, etiquette, customized English language, GPS usage, ..etc.  Additionally, the project offers different kind of facilities to the participants who do not own a car.

To apply: