Mesh kam fe % is an initiative launched by students in Assuit University aims to raise the awareness of students in high schools against the culture that force them to join certain colleges based on their grades not their passion. This initiative is one of the most challenging initiatives as it involves getting rid of some of the very common Egyptian beliefs, that if a student got high grades he should enter Engineering or a medical school, even if he/she does not have passion for them.


For this sake 33 of HEI students organized an event in addition the number of attendees exceeded the 100 students who want to learn more how to choose their colleges and the offered scholarships in addition how to apply, also different guests speakers attended this event to share their experiences with the students about many topics as studying abroad and the available scholarships.

The presence of such initiatives contributes to increase students’ awareness of all education fields and thus developing society for the best.


Higher Education Initiative public university scholarships is funded by USAID supported by Ministry of Higher Education administrated by AMIDEAST and Etijah.