There are several initiatives launched in those Harsh Circumstances to support the students to pass their year successfully. “Bensaed” initiative launched by 12 HEI students through Facebook.  The initiative took place amid the pandemic, and aimed at helping Primary, Preparatory, and Secondary School Students who were conducting their school research that were assigned to them by the Ministry of Education.

The volunteers were so systematic and energetic, they started by preparing the content of their page, namely organizing all the related videos that were published by the Ministry of Education explaining how the whole process is going to be executed, and preparing research templates. Each volunteer in the initiative was responsible for a grade, eventually after for two months, the initiative had helped more than 800 students and parents.


There is another initiative called “Your research by your hand”was launched to serve the same purpose. Ahmed Yasser, who is very passionate about the segment of school students who were stuck in delivering their research projects and knowing no information about how to do that. He created the initiative and a team of 7 people joined in with him to help the widest variety of students. Ahmed said that “I was correcting the scientific projects sent by the students; giving them feedback and helping them improve the overall quality of their projects”.

The team of the initiative consists mainly of students who are graduated from STEM high schools and who has fair experience in research and projects making process, so they volunteered to help the other students at the primary school (Grade 3 – Grade 9) with their researches by Making videos that explain each concept of the research or the project on their newly published Facebook page, evaluating and correcting projects, and uploading the projects to Edmodo platform. In addition to creating a data sheet for the school that organizes the process of receiving the projects online.

Finally, the team managed to evaluate 52 projects and help in editing some projects that had been done by students who didn’t have computers in their homes.