According to the recent statistics the amount of plastic pieces that polluted the oceans are around 5.25 trillion.
For this sake, and in the context of completing the events of “Helm” initiative that was established by some of HEI students in Alexandria University aiming to clean the beaches from plastic trash, as well as to enhance their efforts they decided to attend a session with a specialized organization that aims to raise peoples’ awareness against plastic trash, how it can harm the nature.

On 13th of March, 3 of the students decided to choose one of Alexandria’s beaches to be cleaned and they choose “Morsi abo Al-Abass” beach it is common with the heavy trash not only plastic ones but also old Fabrics, Plastic trash and rests of food. In addition, during the event, “Mohamed” a little boy approximately eight years decided to participate and he managed to remove tons of Trash even though he is young.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the beaches and the moderation in the use of plastic is a duty of every individual to protect the lives of millions of marine creatures.

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