Bridge Qualifying Scholarship

Qualifying scholarship for students enrolled in the first grade of high school (10thgrade)


Governorates (Beheira – Kafr El Sheikh – Qena – Beni Suef)

Sawiris Foundation for Social Development offers Bridge Scholarship, managed and implemented by Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah). Bridge is a qualifying scholarship for students enrolled in the first grade of high school (10th grade) in public schools 2021/2022 with the aim of developing their English language and computer skills and building their personal and leadership capabilities to enable them to obtain scholarships for distinguished universities inside or outside Egypt, through an educational program that includes training sessions within the governorate and via the Internet.


Both Sawiris and Etijah are proud to support high-quality education opportunities, and both institutions work to provide opportunities for all, ensuring an inclusive learning environment for students with disabilities. 


What are the program objectives?

– Preparing and qualifying male and female students for admission to scholarships in distinguished universities inside or outside Egypt, through:·

· Improving basic English language skills (reading – writing – listening – speaking) and academic writing skills.

· Preparing and qualifying students to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) required for admission to scholarships.

· Enhancing personal and life skills, leadership skills and community participation skills.

· Developing computer skills and distance learning skills. 


What does the program include?

– Covering all qualifying program expenses within the grant:

· Program to develop basic English language skills and academic writing.

· IELTS preparation and test preparation program and test fees.

· Computer Training.

· Program for developing personal and leadership skills.

– Follow-up of students’ performance throughout the duration of the program, with academic advising and psychological support.

– Providing a tablet for each student of the scholarship to attend the educational sessions of the program.


Who can apply to the program?

– Male and female students enrolled in the third year of middle school only in government schools, not experimental.

– Students intend to enroll in the first grade of secondary school in one of the public schools 2021/2022.

– Students enrolled in one of the schools in the governorates (Beheira – Kafr El Sheikh – Qena – Beni Suef).

– Students must be aged between 14 and 16 years old.

– Students who can access to the Internet from home.

– The program encourages male and female students with disabilities to apply to the program to take advantage of their inherent capabilities.


What are the conditions for joining the program?

– Fill out the application form and submit all required documents electronically only via the link below.

– The student must attend the personal interview within the governorate in the event that the form is accepted.

– The student must pledge to commit to attend the program completely during high school and to hand over the assigned homework. 


To apply, please follow this link


Note: This scholarship is free of charge and no financial fees are charged for the whole duration of the program.


For more information and to apply, please contact:



Call / WhatsApp: 01559506115

Landline: 0224177375

Application deadline: 06/30/2021