Year of Implementation: 2015-2022


The USAID-funded Public University Scholarships program through the U.S.-Egypt Higher Education Initiative is a scholarship for high school graduates to attend excellence programs at public universities in parallel with specially-designed supplementary enhancement activities such as English courses, leadership training, entrepreneurship training, career planning, internships, community service, and study abroad. 


This scholarship provides opportunities for the excellence programs at 5 public universities in the faculties of Engineering, Information Technology, Science, Agriculture, Law, Commerce, Mass Communication, and Economics. The program also offer 65% of the students the opportunity to study one semester at one of the Universities in the United States. Moreover, the program focus on the needs of disabled students, by specifying scholarships for them.


The outreach coverage was done by Etijah’s team to reach the targeted students through public awareness sessions, flyers distribution, social media platforms, and partnership with local community organizations. During 2018, the outreach component reached a total of 613,057 persons, in which 3,971 persons had submitted their applications.


Scholarship Inclusions

  • Tuition fees and ongoing academic support
  • Intensive English course and study skill program
  • Leadership, character building and business development training
  • Mentoring and networking activities
  • Internship and summer training in field of study
  • Semester or summer abroad
  • Job search and placement after graduation