Zeinab Nasser is from the governorate of Assiut in Upper Egypt. Zeinab graduated from the Faculty of Education in 2017 and, despite her credentials, she was, like most fresh graduates, Zeinab was lost and fearful of the upcoming phase of her life and was in need of coaching and support which led her to join Tomooh in 2018.

In Tomooh, Zeinab attended a variety of soft skills sessions that helped her develop her time management and social skills as she gradually became more confident in herself and in the skills she has gained. Additionally, she also benefited from the personality and value assessments that helped her develop an understanding of her strengths and needs that helped her form a better understanding of what best suits her as a career. With that newly found understanding of herself, Zeinab attended Tomooh’s sessions and learnt how to use LinkedIn and other job portals to look for those suitable opportunities. During her one-on-one coaching, Zeinab became more interested in learning about Marketing as she learnt how to deal with people and how to market for herself and her potential employer. However, Zeinab realized that she can use all the skills she has learned to form her own enterprise that would help her sell her handicraft that she always enjoyed creating.

Regardless, Etijah’s mentor insisted that Zeinab still applied to different opportunities which led her to form valuable connections with different firms that she eventually started collaborating with by organizing workshops and exhibitions with them. Hence, while Zeinab was not full time employed, she has succeeded in establishing herself in the field of handicrafts and is looking forward to starting her business in the field using the connections she obtained and the tools she gained in Tomooh.