Partner: Secours Catholique “Caritas France”


Year of Implementation: 2018-2019


TOMOOH or Ambition Project aims at improving the youth employment situation in Egypt through equipping them by the needed skills that shall increase their chances to join the labor market. To this end, 2 sets of services offered to 2 types of beneficiaries:


1- Entrepreneurship Program in Cairo

It enhances the self-employment by focusing on advanced design thinking for early stage start-ups for young university graduates from Cairo and the surrounding governorates. The program offers trainings to start-up entrepreneurs to access wider-range of business tools and market awareness, a hub serving as a co-working space for the participants to network and to work in an inspiring collaborative environment, and a mentorship program providing guidance to the participants and developing their entrepreneurial capabilities to better shape their startups and ensure correct business validation. A one-on-one business consulting service system is deployed to guide the participants through planning, establishing, launching, stabilizing, and growing their own businesses. The entrepreneurship program takes place in a Hub at Etijah’s main office.


2- Employability Program in 4 governorates

Implemented in Assiut, Beheira, Qena and Sharqeya, the program prepares youth to integrate the labor market. It offers capacity-building trainings to develop the participants’ employability skills, career coaching services to help them define their career choice in addition to an organized job fair, and lists of employers’ data with the available employment opportunities within each governorate in order to expose them to employment opportunities and facilitate their matching process.


By the end of the project, 375 young graduates, aged between 21 and 35, from 5 governorates will be equipped by the needed skills and capacities and ready to integrate the labor market.