Envo Sports: Championing Innovation in the World of Athletics

Tomooh program, launched in 2017, promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in Egypt. With two successful phases supporting over 375 young Egyptians, the third phase provided a wide range of services to 100 aspiring entrepreneurs. Adopting an inclusive approach, Tomooh targets early-stage entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and regions, addressing the unique challenges they face. From the 100 participants, 50 advanced to a hybrid pre-incubation program, receiving training, mentorship, and post-training support. Ten startups were then selected to showcase their ideas at the highly anticipated Demo Day, with a chance to win a seed fund. Tomooh empowers youth to contribute to the Egyptian economy through entrepreneurship and innovation.

In Tomooh Program for Entrepreneurship, a startup named EnvoSports has secured an impressive second-place victory, earning them a seed fund of 30,000 Egyptian pounds. EnvoSports has emerged as a remarkable success story, driven by their innovative portfolio as a social media platform catering to athletes and sports coaches throughout Egypt. EnvoSports aims to empower athletes by providing them with a platform to cultivate their personal brands, establish connections with coaches, and uncover valuable opportunities. Simultaneously, the platform serves as a marketplace where players can engage in the buying and selling of sports equipment.

Founded by three ex-handball players, EnvoSports was born from their recognition of a pressing need for a platform that could assist athletes in enhancing their skills and garnering attention from clubs and coaches. Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, the company boasts a team of seasoned professionals who possess an unwavering passion for sports. The EnvoSports platform serves as a virtual stage where athletes and coaches can showcase their skills and experiences to a broader audience. It facilitates athletes’ search for mentors, collaborators, and teammates, while coaches can efficiently scout players for their teams. The platform’s robust search engine enables athletes to find the perfect coach to meet their individual needs, while coaches can identify the most suitable players for their teams. Moreover, the marketplace feature empowers athletes to discover affordable sports equipment, while coaches can effortlessly sell any surplus gear they possess.

Currently in the prototype stage, EnvoSports launched a beta version of their platform in early 2023. To promote their offering, EnvoSports will employ various marketing channels, including social media, online advertising, and word-of-mouth. Additionally, strategic partnerships with sports clubs and organizations will be forged to amplify the platform’s reach among their members. EnvoSports foresees substantial success, projecting revenue generation of $1 million within its inaugural year of operation. The company maintains a strong vision of profitability within a two-year timeframe, showcasing their strategic foresight and ambitious growth plans.

EnvoSports’ triumph in the Tomooh Program for Entrepreneurship has solidified their position as a rising star in the startup ecosystem. Through their innovative platform, they are poised to revolutionize the way athletes and coaches interact and thrive in the Egyptian sports landscape. EnvoSports’ dedication to empowering athletes, fostering connections, and facilitating the exchange of sports equipment has positioned them as an invaluable resource within the sports community. Their success story serves as a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurial vision and the tenacity of a driven team. EnvoSports is well on its way to reshaping the sports industry in Egypt, opening doors of opportunity for athletes and coaches alike. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, EnvoSports is set to leave an indelible mark on the Egyptian sporting landscape for years to come.