Fear from the labor market and the inability to get employed is one of the more prominent sources of anxiety for fresh graduates and seniors in the various educational levels. Shaimaa Tarek was one of those individuals who feared not getting employed to the extent where she almost voluntarily dropped from university in her senior year. As one may imagine, the mere idea of looking for job opportunities would be a source of great challenge for Shaimaa and others like her. Shaimaa’s anxiety remained as she graduated and started wandering about where she could even start looking for employment opportunities. Hence, her choice to participate in Tomooh’s training program did, indeed, require a lot of mental fortitude and a will to succeed.


During her presence in Tomooh, Shaimaa was gradually eased into using the different employment platforms like Linkedin and Wuzzuf in the right ways which helped her gradually and safely explore her career options and the skills she needs to enter the market. While exploring the different options could be intimidating, Tomooh’s mentors helped Shaimaa reflect on her experiences and guided her to take the most effective courses and apply for the best possible training opportunities to further expand her potential for getting employed in the field she desires. Shaimaa noted the psychological support she constantly received from her peers in Tomooh who constantly communicated and motivated each other through the different online platforms they were connected on by Etijah’s coordinators.


Due to this motivation to keep exploring and developing herself, Shaimaa eventually was accepted as a content creator in a marketing agency where she realized she is interested in the field of marketing and seeks to keep expanding her skills in the field. This step from Shaimaa although may seem minimal to some, it is overwhelmingly clear how much fortitude and confidence Shaimaa required to take the step and overcome all the fear and anxiety she had as an undergraduate. Her attempts to keep developing her skills in marketing are also another evidence that she will continue to grow and make use of the support and and guidance she has taken in Tomooh.