From Ideas into Reality: Tomooh’s Networking Day & Demo Day 2023


Tomooh program, launched in 2017, promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in Egypt. With two successful phases supporting over 375 young Egyptians, the third phase provided a wide range of services to 100 aspiring entrepreneurs. Adopting an inclusive approach, Tomooh targets early-stage entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and regions, addressing the unique challenges they face. From the 100 participants, 50 advanced to a hybrid pre-incubation program, receiving training, mentorship, and post-training support. Ten startups were then selected to showcase their ideas at the highly anticipated Demo Day, with a chance to win a seed fund. Tomooh empowers youth to contribute to the Egyptian economy through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Tomooh Networking Day and Demo Day were two significant events that marked the culmination of the Entrepreneurship Program, implemented by Etijah with the support from Caritas France. These events provided a platform for startups to showcase their business ideas, receive valuable mentorship, and connect with potential investors and supporters. This report aims to summarize the key highlights and outcomes of both Tomooh Networking Day and Demo Day.

Glimpses on Tomooh Networking Day:

Tomooh Networking Day, organized by Etijah and supported by Caritas France, brought together 39 startups & 50 entrepreneurs who were eager to present their business ideas. The day began with each startup delivering time divided between pitching and receiving questions for their colleagues. This format allowed startups to effectively present their ideas and receive immediate feedback from their colleagues & Etijah’s Coordinators. The pitching session served as a valuable opportunity for startups to refine their business models.

Following the pitching session, the networking day continued with five consultants who are specialized in the field of entrepreneurship. Each startup had the opportunity to engage in one-on-one sessions with the consultant. These sessions offered in-depth discussions and mentorship, enabling startups to receive advice and guidance tailored to their specific needs. The expertise and insights provided by the consultants proved to be invaluable for the startups in their pursuit of business growth.

Glimpses on Tomooh Demo Day:

Tomooh Demo Day, organized & implemented by Etijah and with the support of Caritas France, was the culminating event of the Entrepreneurship Program. Nine startups, named Acsibility, Canteen, Envo Sports, Amica, RavLL, Smart Disability Society (SDS), WHI Solutions, Papero, and SMKTY, were selected to present their pitches to potential investors and supporters.

Each startup had certain time to showcase their business models, products/services, traction, teams, and growth potential. Following each pitch, a Q&A from the panel that consisted of 3 leading experts in the Entrepreneurship field in Egypt and the Arab World. The presentations were aimed at demonstrating the startups invest ability and potential for social impact.

The judges, after careful deliberation, selected the winners of the Demo Day based on a very detailed scoring system. Papero emerged as the first-place winner has revolutionized the manufacturing of environmentally recyclable paper bags in Egypt, aiming to replace plastic bags and combat pollution, followed by Envo Sports in second place which is a social media platform empowering athletes and coaches by cultivating personal brands, facilitating connections, and enabling the buying and selling of sports equipment, and Smart Disability Society in third place is a social enterprise empowering visually impaired individuals through comprehensive training, personalized assistance, and affordable assistive technology, fostering inclusivity and creating a more equitable society. These startups were recognized for their promising business ideas, strong management teams, product-market fit, and growth potential. The recognition and prizes awarded to the winning startups will undoubtedly contribute to their accelerated growth and success.

Tomooh Networking Day and Demo Day, organized as part of the Entrepreneurship Program by Etijah and supported by Caritas France, showcased the dedication to empowering startup founders and catalyzing socially-minded ventures. The Networking Day facilitated mentorship and feedback, allowing startups to refine their business models and receive valuable insights from industry experts. On the other hand, the Demo Day provided a platform for startups to pitch their ideas to potential investors and supporters, resulting in recognition and prizes for the most promising ventures.

Both events played a crucial role in providing value to the entrepreneurs and highlighting their potential for social good. The commitment demonstrated by Etijah and Caritas France through the Entrepreneurship Program reaffirms their dedication to fostering innovation and supporting startups in their quest to make a positive impact on society. Tomooh Networking Day and Demo Day stand as milestones in the journey of these startups, providing them with the necessary resources and exposure to thrive in the competitive business landscape.