What is the Enterprise Development Programme?

Etijah, in partnership with the International Labour Organization’s PROSPECTS program, is making a positive impact in Greater Cairo through the implementation of the Enterprise Development Programme. This initiative addresses the economic challenges faced by refugees, asylum seekers, and host communities in Egypt. By promoting entrepreneurship, the project aims to reduce refugees’ dependence on foreign aid and encourage sustainable living.

To achieve its goals, the project utilizes ILO models and toolkits designed to create a conducive environment for young people to initiate and develop their own short-term ventures into long-term successful businesses. The primary focus is on the “Enterprise Development Program,” which incorporates ILO toolkits, Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB), and GET AHEAD training programs. Through these, the project aims to combat youth unemployment, foster integration, and gain a deeper understanding of the daily struggles faced by refugee communities.


Project Outreach and Trainings:

. An inclusive and gender-equal strategy is employed to ensure women’s active participation in entrepreneurship. The project team has successfully engaged with over 1,000 individuals by using various outreach activities, including social media campaigns and partnerships with local organizations. This has effectively raised awareness about the project’s benefits within the target communities.

. Regarding training, the project interviewed more than 400 individuals for the SIYB and GET AHEAD training programs and selected participants to undergo the training. The sessions covered a diverse range of topics, such as marketing planning, financial management, risk assessment, decision making, negotiation skills, sales techniques, networking, and business plan development.

. Establishing significant partnerships with local organizations, such as CBOs, NGOs, and business development entities, has expanded the project’s outreach and ensured its long-term sustainability and impact.

. Furthermore, the project has tailored a comprehensive coaching system to meet the specific needs of the target communities. Certified SIYB and Get Ahead trainers collaborate with the project to provide support to participants even after the training sessions conclude.

. In summary, the Enterprise Development Programme in Greater Cairo is bringing about positive change by empowering refugees, asylum seekers, and host communities through entrepreneurship. With its strategic outreach, training, and partnerships, the project is making a lasting impact on the economic prospects and social integration of these communities.

. Following the training phase, the project will launch its post-training services in order to support the beneficiaries to establish or scale-up their enterprises.