Osama Ahmed is a young graduate from the Faculty of Art from Luxor who has a physical disability that heavily limited his accessibility to the labor market. However, his disability was also a great aspect in Osama’ mental health as it caused him to gradually grow insecure about his potential and ability to have a successful career. Unfortunately, this caused Osama to have excessive anxiety about even trying to apply for a job or to appear in front of others in fear of judgment and discrimiantion. Regardless, Osama’s intrinsic resolve allowed him to seek the support and guidance offered in Tomooh.

Osama was gradually introduced to the different skills necessary for him to access the labor market and find the most suitable jobs for him. Osama attended the personal assessment session that helped him assess his own skills and values as the first step for him to start looking for jobs. Additionally, his anxiety towards applying for jobs was further tackled through the C.V Writing and Interview sessions that he attended which gave him professional insight on how to best present himself to potential employers. Crucially, the one-to-one coaching sessions helped Osama get personalized advice from professional mentors who constantly supported him not only through professional advice but also through the motivation and encouragement he needed to overcome his anxiety.

By the end of the training, Osama was motivated to apply for a job opportunity every week until he eventually got an interview in the Misr Public Library in Luxor.  After showcasing the different skills he has gained through the training, Osama successfully got employed which was a celebratory event for both Osama and Etijah’s staff who have closely followed up and guided him through his journey. Osama asserts that he now believes that regardless of what he wants to accomplish, he will always be able to reach it through his resolve and the support from the people who truly care for him.