Partner: UN Women & National Council of Women


Year of Implementation: 2014 – 2016


In collaboration with UN Women, the Youth Citizenship Ambassadors project enhanced women’s basic citizenship rights during the democratic transition in Egypt, where one of the key obstacles against increasing women’s participation in the civic community is not having a national Identity card (ID). This was achieved through offering various trainings to young men and women to be citizenship ambassadors , conducting actual community study on women lacking ID cards and main obstacles women face which hinders their empowerment, resources management, and advanced communication and leadership skills. Youth Citizenship Ambassadors’ Group is a two phases project.


The first phase aimed to raise awareness of 7500 marginalized women and young girls through building capacities of 150 citizenship ambassadors in ten governorates (Alexandria, Souhag, Assuit, Aswan, Al-, Al-Beheira, Port Said, Al-Ismailya, El Minya, Qena and Red-Sea Governorate)


The second phase targeted 300 ambassadors who succeeded in reaching 10,000 women and young girls in the 10 governorates. The ambassadors did not only raise their awareness about the necessity of having an ID, but also helped the targeted women in issuing their ID cards.