Group of students of HEI program volunteered to help the locals in their village clean and sanitize the public places; as people there needed to have examples from their own community to apply that for credibility. Mostafa Shaaban is a nursing student who found it ethical from him to participate in sterilization and sanitation campaigns in his village (Al-maimon- Bani suief) after the emergence of COVID-19.


Mostafa described the situation as he used to do this all the night so people would be asleep and the targeted places would be vacant for the campaign. He used to perform this many days per week with assistance from his village locals. He was responsible for mixing the chemicals and doing the sterilization by himself. In addition, he printed instructions from the International Health Organization and distributed them to the locals.


Ahmed Sayed and Saif abdelrahman volunteered to help sanitize and sterilize villages’ schools and public markets also. To help people know about how to protect themselves from the infection especially with the insufficient level of knowledge. They said they tried to inform people and to organize the movement in the village market but the response of the locals was disappointing to them. However, they continued to do their best and try.


There is another initiative that had been launched by Rana Reda who volunteered e to sanitize and sterilize a primary school in Kafr bri in Gharbia governorate. In her community, Rana knew about a community initiative to sanitize and sterilize local schools. She was interested in helping them, as she is a Science student, so she guided them with the correct materials and right percentages to mix chemicals. Finally the initiative succeeded in the sterilization of Ahmed Amasha Primary school.