With the belief of some of HEI students that the programming is the future, they signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the principal and the supervisor of the Community School of “Educate Me” foundation to start their collaboration.

“Programming is the future. Indeed, nowadays one can find programming everywhere; mobile phones, web sites, transportations, medicines and many more” the programming team leader said. The main goal of the program to insight a total number of 35 students aged from 10 to 16 years old about programming concepts and how they can give instructions to the computer including the basics of programming that will help them to enhance their programming skills through explaining how the computers understand our commands; clarify the concepts of input, output and processing, enabling students to implement the flow of events through flowchart diagram, students will learn basic concepts of programming (Data types, operators, decision-making, Loops) using C++ programing language.

Etijah is honored to support this new aspect/ attitude of the students toward the volunteerism. Higher Education Initiative public university scholarships is funded by USAID supported by Ministry of High Education administrated by AMIDEAST and Etijah.