Labor Market Assessment consultant


About Etijah

Youth and Development Consultancy Institute – Etijah is a non-profit organization specialized in developing, improving and disseminating development methodologies in the field of youth and community development. Based in Cairo.
Etijah primary concern is to create and tailor up-to-date and high-quality development methodologies, research tools, applicable practices of youth development and training delivery models, to be able to qualify youth by providing them with the skills, know-how and aptitudes, as well as contribute to building the capacity of governmental and non-governmental youth-serving organizations. Our role is to provide youth with direct access to unconditional participation by providing them with practical tools and models for developing community-wide initiatives



Tomooh project is implemented by Etijah in partnership with Secours Catholique – Caritas France (SCCF) and funded by (SSCF). The project targets providing Employability and Entrepreneurship Services to disadvantaged youth in Egypt.

The employability component is intended to support youth through sharpening their capabilities with a set of skills, knowledge, and personal qualities to help orient them into their most suitable personal career choices. The component aims at enhancing the graduates’ employability skills to fill the gap between the acquired skills at the university and the skills demanded by the employers. The employability component works to develop the participants’ future employability prospects by providing them with work-related competencies, knowledge, and attitudes. Although some skills such as communication and other personal skills seem basic and acquired by all the graduate students, most of the graduates are lacking them. The component proposes several employability activities to equip them with the required skills and facilitate the development of their employability. These activities take the graduates to a journey of self-discovery, career exploration, and preparation besides career coaching through a set of general and job-specific skills that recruiters are looking for such as job hunting and job searching skills.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Summary of Key Functions:

  • Design the methodology and the questionnaire for Etijah in collaboration with the implementing partner
  • Coordinate the implementation of the assessment which will be led by an implementing partner on behalf of Etijah in close cooperation with all stakeholders (implementing partner)
  • Develop knowledge tools and guidance on engagement with private sector tailored to the programmed needs.
  • To finalize the assessment report by providing substantial analysis and knowledge regarding labor market through analysis of the data collected to identify skills, job opportunities, demand on the labor market
  • Envisage building a set of recommendations with the overall intention of effectively responding to the need to enhance the employability, business development/self-employment and entrepreneurship capacities of youth
  • Provide ongoing support to target beneficiaries in mainstreaming private sector engagement across different programmatic activities.
  • Develop an engagement strategy and a consultation mechanism on private sector engagement for program government, and more general applicability.
  • Devise strategies, knowledge tools and guidance that are adaptable to the specific needs and contexts of program Government.
  • Develop the tools and guidance in close coordination with program Government to ensure they respond to concrete programmatic needs and challenges observed in engaging private sector.
  • To prepare an action plan to carry out the assignment and develop the methodology through meeting with relevant stakeholders.
  • To prepare Call for Proposals to select an implementing partner, participate in the selection process
  • To undertake a desk review/analysis of current policies, strategies, and legislation regarding the labor market in Egypt in relevant for particularly youth including social services, vocational training, and business development support
  • To draft and finalize a comprehensive, complementary labor market assessment through analysis of data to be provided by the implementing partners.
  • Build on complementarities between engaging private sector and other stakeholders (e.g., local authorities, civil society) in line with whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches.
  • In close consultation with the PMU and other relevant colleagues, ensure that the tools and guidance developed are aligned to the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting guidance of the program and activities.



  1. Core
    • Innovation: Ability to make new and useful ideas work;
    • Leadership: Ability to persuade others to follow;
    • People Management: Ability to improve performance and satisfaction;
    • Communication: Ability to listen, adapt, persuade, and transform;
  2. Technical/Functional
    • Understanding of Private Sector and Economic Context;
    • Familiarity with ways of working of private sector and ability to read the economic and political context of a given country;
    • Development and Crisis Assessment and Planning;
    • Ability to use methods, tools, and regional analysis to determine impact of various elements for development contexts, crisis, and post crisis situations;
    • Migration and Displacement Dynamics;
    • Knowledge of impact of and development approaches on migration and displacement issues within a humanitarian-development contexts;
    • Knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals and the ability to apply to strategic and/or practical situations on migration and displacement;
    • Substantive Networking;
    • Ability to substantively engage and foster networks with academia, research institutions, and think tanks;
  3. Knowledge Management
    • Ability to capture, develop, share, and effectively use information and knowledge on development approaches to migration and displacement.
    • Collaboration & Partnerships
    • Ability to develop, maintain, and strengthen partnerships with others inside (Programs/projects) or outside the organization who can provide information, assistance, and support.  Sets overall direction for the formation and management of strategic
  4. Experience:
    • A minimum of five (5) years of post-qualification work experience demonstrating knowledge of economics and diverse interaction with private sector is required.
    • Experience in working with private sector in relation to migration (both in originating countries and with diaspora), as well as in developing country contexts is a strong asset.
    • Experience in devising strategies, knowledge tools and guidance in relation to private sector and adapted to the economic context of a country is required.
    • Computer literacy in Microsoft Office (word, excel, outlook) and web-based applications is required.
    • Readiness for field travel is required.
  5. Language:
    • Fluency in Arabic & English written and spoken is required.



Our Organizational Values

  • Vision: We value open and honest conduct at Etijah. This is reflected in our data management, recruitment, personnel relations and management, and financial management policies and procedures, as well as in our communication with our partners and above all, our beneficiaries.
  • Freedom: We empower youth to exercise their economic, political and social freedoms through facilitating access to rights and equal opportunities.
  • Equality: At Etijah, we take pride in enforcing our non-discrimination policy, and celebrating the diversity of our staff and participants in our programs. We aim to reach the equality of all people in terms of status, rights, opportunities and treatment.
  • Respect: We recognize and respect the dignity of all people, and believe everyone is worthy of honor and respect regardless of any vulnerability, or social or economic conditions.
  • Accountability: We have obligation to account and accept responsibility for actions/ activities, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner to our served communities, and to our partners.
  • Confidence: We firmly believe in building and fostering healthy relations among community members, between Etijah team and communities, and internally between our team members. Ultimately, we seek to create an environment which enables development and growth.
  • Cooperation: We partner directly with community members, partner organizations, and community leaders to achieve a sustainable impact in the communities we serve. We apply partnerships on community, national and global levels to attract all kinds of support for our collective objectives that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Empowerment: The central purpose of our mandate is to equip youth with the capacity and skills to necessary to improve their livelihoods. Through this, we seek to inspire youth to become leaders in their own communities and to realize their own dreams.
  • Sustainability: We plan, monitor and evaluate our impact based on our ability to maintain specific development outcomes with Economic, Environmental and Social lenses.


How to apply

Interested applicant should submit their application, including their CV and Cover letter, following this link before the 10th of September, 2022 

Please follow the below format for your application documents:

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