About Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah)

Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah) is a specialized institute in developing, improving and disseminating development methodologies in the field of youth and community development. Based in Cairo, the institute was founded in 2006 and registered on August 16th, 2006 (registration No. 6638), under the Egyptian Law No. 84/2002 on Non-Governmental Organizations.

Etijah primary concern is to create and tailor up-to-date and high-quality development methodologies, research tools, applicable practices of youth development and training delivery models, to be able to qualify youth by providing them with the skills, know-how and aptitudes, as well as contribute in building the capacity of governmental and non-governmental youth-serving organizations. Our role is to provide youth with direct access to unconditional participation by providing them with practical tools and models for developing community-wide initiatives.

Project Background

In 2014, Etijah started working with UNFPA and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to engage Youth Centers to adopt different population issues awareness raising including family planning and SRH to be among the main activities of Youth Centers. By the end of 2019, 90 Population awareness Clubs (PACs) were established to be hubs within Youth centers to disseminate awareness. In 2020, more new PACs will be established and activated through different activities including capacity building and awareness activities through theatre, sports and training sessions.

About Population Awareness Clubs (PACs)

Population Awareness Club (PAC), the goal of the PACs is to mobilize thousands of young Egyptians boys and girls in urban and rural areas to take active part in addressing developmental challenges to promote aspirational Goals of the Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the NPS’.

The project focuses on two main activities including establishing and equipping new PACs and activating

established and new PACs through building the capacities of its members to be able to raise the awareness of community members about SRH issues. PACs work as a hub for awareness dissemination on population issues that include RH issues. The PACs are in public youth centers in different governorates to ensure sustainability and outreach to the local communities and maintain high level of support and response.


This is to develop a web-based database. The document serves as a concept note outlining the need for the database, initial requirement and functionalities of the database, expected results or outputs, proposed timeline for implementation and estimated budget.

Objectives of the mission

To develop a database for the beneficiaries and PACs volunteer by:

  • Collect and verify all the data of the beneficiaries and PACs volunteers.
  • To develop a standard web based centralized database for beneficiaries benefiting from PACs.
  • The database will also support the project team & the donor in decision making, identification of beneficiaries and monitoring and follow-ups with beneficiaries.
  • The database will serve as a data source for the project team and the donor and will help the ministry of youth directorates work with the program beneficiaries and monitor them beyond the project life span.
  • The centralized beneficiary database will also help reduce data redundancy and data duplication issues by coordinating and recording related activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

The beneficiary database shall provide the following minimum functionalities:

  1. Development of web-based application (Database): Develop a comprehensive web database, including but not limited to:
  • Develop a beneficiary profile which includes beneficiary code, name,
    age, gender, position , faculty, department, contact and Email.
  • Develop a project database which incorporates indicator and activity wise data entry and reporting sheets. Work with existing data collection tools and fit into those tools into Database
  • Develop interactive home page for database
  • Develop digital forms for data entry. Furthermore, those digital forms should
    have features that will guide data collector or data entry operator by giving ‘help text’
    that provides guidance on what is expected for each question.
  • The service provider shall ensure the digital forms are as short as possible that is collecting data that is useful for decision making processes and reporting
  • The service provider will develop digital forms in such a way so that forms have data
    validation rules to enhance data quality.
  • Ensure database security and authentication by implementing secure authentication and user and user-permission management
  • The database shall feature role-based authentication and shall provide access to different sections of the database based on specified role
  • The database shall feature data analytics through visual dashboards where collected information is automatically visualized through charts
  • The database shall feature data import functionality to import data from other sources such as spreadsheet files
  • Database shall allow users with assigned privileges to export data to other usable formats such as spreadsheet (CSV, XLS), PDF reports and generate graphics (charts)
  • Design and development of the system must adhere to modern best practices of software systems. It must be secure, scalable and high performance
  • The proposed system must be designed using open-source technologies including server-side and client-side technologies


  1. Technical support and maintenance of web-based application: Apart from development of web database, the service provider shall provide ongoing backup support and troubleshooting service to ensure the system properly maintained.
  2. Domain purchase and web hosting of web application: The database should be hosted online. Virtual private server fulfilling the optimum requirement of the web application shall be leased for a minimum of one year including maintenance. The domain purchase and web hosting will be done by the service provider in consultation with the project team. The service provider shall take all necessary steps to procure a domain name and web hosting as per requirement of the project team will provide all necessary paper documents to them to procure the domain name. This database will be public only if the project team and the donor gives permission to make it publicly accessible.
  3. Provide training to the project staff: The service provider will provide training technical and functional training on how to manage, maintain use the application. They will also develop a user manual and a technical manual for the database.
  • Customized beneficiary database with web based interface
  • The interface shall support data entry, data retrieval and graphs generation
  • Password protected login and roles for different type of users
  • Data import and export to/from the database
  • Import of the existing beneficiary data to the beneficiary database
  • Graphs and report generation.
  • Records printing and exporting functionality of information
  • System administration and data backup functionality

Expected Results and Deliverables

Expected results and deliverables of the project are:

  • Assessment and Development of Inception report of how the database will be developed including technical specifications and timeline
  • Development of Database and First Draft Presentations to project staff.
  • Finalize development of database
  • Import the existing beneficiary data of various components of the project to the database
  • Train project staff in database usage, data entry, retrieval, data import and export, and graph generation
  • Develop user manual and technical manual for database users and administrators
  • Develop a backup system for the database

How to apply

Consultants should submit the following documents for their offers:

For individuals and companies

  • A record of minimum 4 years of experience in consultancy services in the field of developing Database and web applications
  • The CV/profile of the candidate
  • Experience of designing and managing the database for minimum 4 projects with providing references
  • Financial offer.

Interested applicants should submit their applications through this link before the 6th of August 2020.