Capacity Building Training for Bridge Project Staff on Child Safeguarding & Protection


About Etijah

Based in Cairo, Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah) was founded in 2006 as an Egyptian NGO specialized in Youth Development. Since its establishment, Etijah has been working towards building the capacities of governmental and non-governmental youth serving organizations to provide a professional and a safe context for youth development in Egypt. Etijah is working on various development sectors, including Education, Training, Humanitarian, Health, Women’s Empowerment, Volunteerism, Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship and Employment sectors. Etijah is implementing several development projects across the previously mentioned sectors in partnership with several international, regional, and local organizations.


Bridge Project Overview


Bridge project is a preparatory scholarship for university stage, aiming at qualifying Egyptian public high school students to join high quality university programs through providing them with the skills, knowledge and tools required for scholarships admission in Egypt and abroad. The project lasts for three years and is being implemented by Etijah in partnership with Sawiris Foundation for Social Development. Aspiring to create an integrated learning environment, Bridge project adopts a blended learning model incorporating both online and offline training programs and activities. The project is designed to support students developing their English Language, Computer, Personal, Life, and Leadership Skills, these skills are developed mainly through conducting online training programs by high-profile entities, in addition to a number of offline activities.

Target Segment

The project serves 200 Egyptian public high school students aged between 14 – 16 years old from the following governorates: (Beheira – Kafr El Shiekh – Qena – Beni Suif). Students are gender-balanced and including persons with disabilities to ensure the maximization of their untapped capabilities and to provide them with the opportunity to realize their full potential.


Training Overview

Context of Training

Bridge project staff will be in direct contact with the selected students joining Bridge preparatory scholarship. With the target segment of the students aged under 18, creating a safe and inclusive environment for the students is paramount component of the project. This capacity building training shall be comprehensive across the following area: Child Safeguarding and Protection.

Scope of Training

Recognizing that it is our responsibility to protect children joining the project, the aim of this capacity building training is to help Bridge project team to systematically integrate child safeguarding & protection policies into every stage of the project, and to ensure that all actions in the project are taken in the best interests of the children. This shall be achieved through developing tailored necessary guidelines and protocols needed to carry out the project activities within a safe environment for the students, the developed content will be used by the project team in dealing with the selected students throughout the project life cycle. Besides, the consultant is required to facilitate the developed content by conducting offline training and workshops to the project team.

Purpose & Objectives of Training

Under the framework of “Safe Environment for Students”, the consultant will be responsible for building the capacities of the project staff to enable them to keep a safe environment – both online and offline – for 200 Egyptian public high school students aged between 14 – 16 years old.

The objectives of the training are the following:

  • The project team act according to the high standards of behavior to protect the rights and dignity of children.
  • The project team are fully aware of the corresponding national and international conventions on the rights of children.
  • The project team achieve a zero-tolerance environment within the project for all forms of child abuse and mistreatment.

Deliverables of Training

  • Two days offline capacity building training for Bridge project staff.
  • Training handouts on the subject of the training.

The deliverables shall ensure alignment with the national and international obligations and conventions.

Training Outcomes:

  • Project team follow the rights approach rather than well-being or needs approach to achieve the high standards of behavior to protect the children/students.
  • Project team are aware of child safeguarding and protection guidelines and policies.
  • Project team can detect, respond, and prevent child abuse and mistreatment.
  • Project team are fully aware of harassment behavior patterns and can act immediately on any related concern.

Training Duration & Location

Duration: Two Days

Location: Etijah Office, Heliopolis, Cairo.

To Apply

Firms and Individuals can apply. The deadline for submitting the application is Monday, May 10, 2021

Application shall include the following:

Technical Proposal, including:

  • Capacity Building Training methodology.
  • Training agenda and sessions outline, including: Title, purpose, Methods, Activities, and expected learning outcomes for each session.
  • For firms: Organization profile, including previous experience in relation to the subject of the training.
  • For individuals: CV and portfolio highlighting relevant experience in relation to the subject of the training. 

Financial Offer, including:

  • Breakdown of costs.
  • For firms: Legal documents with Company Official Registration, Commercial Record and Company Tax ID.

For any inquiries, please reach out to: