Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah)

Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah) is a specialized institute in developing, improving and disseminating development methodologies in the field of youth and community development. Based in Cairo, the institute was founded in 2006 and registered on August 16th, 2006 (registration No. 6638), under the Egyptian Law No. 84/2002 on Non-Governmental Organizations.

Etijah primary concern is to create and tailor up-to-date and high-quality development methodologies, research toolsapplicable practices of youth development and training delivery models, to be able to qualify youth by providing them with the skills, know-how and aptitudes, as well as contribute in building the capacity of governmental and non-governmental youth-serving organizations. Our role is to provide youth with direct access to unconditional participation by providing them with practical tools and models for developing community-wide initiatives.



About Y-Peer Network & Methodology

Y-PEER Egypt is Youth leading network that work on increasing awareness of young people through peer education techniques.

Y-PEER Egypt has been working in Egypt since 2005. Since then, the network has been involved in several steps to establish a network of NGOs at a national and international level. We are seeking to build our members skills and provide them with new interactive techniques that guarantee a creative way of delivering messages, while keeping accurate information transmitted from youth to youth, and the interest in applying them on a large scale



Mission background

Etijah in collaboration with UNFPA and Y-PEER Egypt use the Edutainment approach to raise awareness around the population issues an through the interactive & community theater , Music concerts ….etc.

According to Y PEER Social media analysis, Y PEER has documented an amazing interaction from the social media audience in the recent few weeks.

To capitalize on this interaction, and to make use of this opportunity, Etijah is requesting proposals from Advertising and marketing companies to film 4 Y-PEER theatre performances.

Having produced theater plays that succeeded in attracting more attention to the issues that Y PEER discuss in the edutainment approach, currently we consider using our plays as a mean of education through social media.



Objectives of the Mission

  • Creating an educational content, that is shareable and easy to understand while creating a better way of communication with a wider part of social media users.
  • Embracing the concept of “Edutainment” by performing an amusing content, that aspires to entertain viewers while giving them a trusted source of knowledge.
  • Reaching More audience, Mainly targeting youth
  • Posting Content that widens the spread of knowledge about cases we work on.
  • Initiating Theater Characters that will be referred to in the future as “Awareness Figures”
  • Creating a content that could be used in the awareness sessions.
  • Plays will be televised through satellite TV channels, in our upcoming media campaigns.



Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Filming 4 Theater plays, which will be televised later in a similar manner to the following link (, each of them in their own respective governments.
  • Creating a creative story board for each of the 4 plays, coordinating with the theater director is a must.
  • As mentioned above, Plays will be televised so the least limit of resolution available is (1920×1080)
  • Video Editing & Montage.
  • Handing the final product before 28th of June, 2019.


The Proposal should clearly detail all the required information against the selection criteria mentioned above.

Professional Skills and Experience:.

  1. Company Information

1.1 Legal structure of company (Proprietorship, Private Ltd, Public Ltd)

1.2 Expertise and experience in the field, year of establishment etc.

1.3 Geographical Coverage – in case of all provinces

1.4 Financial Capability


  1. Technical Functionality

2.1 Prior / present experience of working with national & international organizations

  1. A) List past (not exceeding 10 years) clientele with names & period of engagement
  2. B) List present clientele with names & date of business engagement


  1. Personnel

3.1 Senior Management position & profile (please attach CV)

3.2 No. & brief profile of copy writers, designers and social media experts

3.3 No. & brief profile of Media & PR staff


How to apply

Applicants should hand the following documents at Etijah office in a sealed envelope

  • Technical Proposal

A short technical proposal in English as described below:

  • A description ofthe proposed work strategy to achieve the desired results from the implementation of the advisory mission
  • Resume of the consultant and his team
  • Some links, videos and photos of your previous work.


  • Financial Proposal

The financial proposal should include a breakdown of the cost elements to assist in determining the rationale of the given rates and must be with EGP


The Technical and financial offers must be handed in a sealed envelope at Etijah office: 56 El Nozha st. –Misr el Gedida, Cairo, Egypt

Deadline for sending the technical and financial proposal: 13 June 2019