Youth and Development Consultancy Institute – Etijah
Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program ( Tomooh )




Etijah’s project on Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program (Tommoh), the project aims at enhancing youth employment situation by equipping them by the needed skills that shall increase their chances to join the labour market; so far, more than 300 participants from 4 Governorates (Behira – Sharqya – Assuit – Qena) have been trained on employability skills including (CV writing – Interview skills – Communications skills – Planning) during 2018.

The next stage of the program is to organize a preparation camp for 150 selected participants who already have attended the mentioned training above. The camp will cover different career counseling sessions that shall help youth between 21 and 35 years old to be more confident about their career path and having a clear needs assessment to improve their chances to join the labour market. The camp will be held 2 times for 150 participants as follows:

  • A camp in Cairo for 75 participants for 1 full training day
  • A camp in Upper Egypt for 75 participants for 1 full training day



  1. Deliver career counseling / coaching sessions


A 1-2 hours session should be conducted to a group of 10 – 15 participants categorized by their work interests and preferences. The participants are expected to be able to identify their qualifications and areas of improvements needed to get qualified to their aimed jobs.



  1. Deliver CVs review sessions.

The consultant should conduct 4 review  sessions for 4 groups of participants to revise their CV/Resumes and give them advices to in order to enhance their chances to be qualified for the interview processes. Each group will consist of 5 participants and the duration of each session is 1 hour.


  1. Deliver a refreshing session about interview skills.


The consultant should deliver 2 sessions for 75 participants, each session will cover a topic of interview skills. The participants have already attended a similar training last year. The purpose of the session is to recap the information they already had, the duration is 2 hours for each session (one session will be held in Cairo and the other session will be held in Upper Egypt)





Reporting system:

Reports must be submitted after the delivery of each session, during the period of execution of the contract. The reports must contain, the following:

  • Concise presentation of the sessions content and of applied methods, including the most important, attractive ideas of participants on the discussed subjects
  • Analysis of the participants’ needs assessment.
  • Conclusions and recommendations for future interventions
  • Evaluation forms filled in by participants and other relevant materials.




  • Proven experience in delivering similar sessions
  • Ability to travel to Upper Egypt



Interested parties (individuals or companies) must attach the following documents through the online form on the website:

  • For companies:
    • Companies must apply for the three tasks.
    • Please attach Financial Proposal stating every task.


  • For individuals:
    • Individuals can apply for one or more tasks.
    • Please attach CV and a document stating the task he/she is applying for and the expected fees per hour for each task.