Project: Tomooh Entrepreneurship Component

Date: 18-23 Dec 2018

As a part of additional support for Tomooh startups, Etijah organized a mentorship boot camp for 6 days that delivered technical workshops along with one-to-one and group mentorship sessions. Etijah also organized coaching sessions during the boot camp and extended the working hours of its hub till 10 PM.

One-to-one mentorship session was done with 18 startup on their business model and value proposition model. Many participants after these mentorship sessions have reflected their business models, and some pivoted their business models and plans to a more scalable and innovative approach. Group mentorship sessions were also done with 23 startups on 2 topics:

Digital Marketing: During the session, application of digital marketing and social media ads were discussed, practiced, and applied. After that, a 2 hours discussion was opened to the participants to discuss their business cases with the mentor.

Investment and Business Development: Startups discussed with the mentors their investment needs, and reflected their needs on the investment ecosystem in Egypt, investment cycles, and how can they organize funding rounds.

Additionally, 21 coaching sessions were also done to follow up with startups training progress, and the development of their business models. To enhance the experience of the coaching sessions, Etijah recently collaborated with many service providers in Egypt to link the startups with in order to fulfill their needs.