Partner: World Bank and UNDP

Year of implementation: 2007-2014

Because of the importance of NGOs operating in Egypt who are concerned with Youth as a platform for the community, Etijah in collaboration with World Bank implemented the first phase of the project in 2007 and second phase in partnership with UNDP in 2014.«Mapping Youth Organizations» was a national Egyptian Research mapping youth NGOs, youth groups and donors operating in all Egyptian governorates. The aim of this project was to document the number, names, scope of work, achievements and obstacles of NGOs and informal groups, donors concerned with youth in Egypt and to develop a youth directory out of it, which was believed to be very crucial for future collaboration among these different parties.

The political turmoil over the last four years has led to economic and social changes across the country, for the average person as well as for the civil society sector, subsequently pushing the Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah) to realize the need for an updated second edition of the directory. The current project at hand aims at both updating the information that was included in the first edition of the directory as well as adding new and important players in the field. Started in the fall of 2013, the project is now in its wrap up phase, with an aim of finalizing the second edition in April 2014. This progress report will give a brief explanation of the achievements and challenges that the team has faced over the duration of the project, and will end at a look forward at what will be the next steps