Reproductive Health Program in collaboration with The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

A message from the team:

First of all, let us introduce the members of this project from Etijah.

Soad Hamed Project Manager
Dr. Sandy Raafat Program Specialist and Trainer
Dr. Bishoy Sadek Program Specialist and Trainer
Dr. Mostafa Abdel Kareem Trainer
Dr. Karim Sallam Trainer
Omnia Elarakey Trainer
Ahmed Kashkush Trainer
Dr.Mohamed Essam Trainer
Dr.Reham Salama Trainer
Shimaa Abdel Rehim Field Coordinator
Mahmoud Abdelzaher Field Coordinator
Azza Mohamed Ahmed Field Coordinator
Yasmin Ahmed Field Coordinator


Our team is very enthusiastic to be part of such a outstanding project. We come from different academic and professional backgrounds but we share our passion and experience for Development.

So, why we want to blog?

We agreed on leaving a traceable impact on the lives of Sohagi youth, and the misconceptions they have regarding reproductive health. We took “we have the choice to change our life” as our slogan for this project.

We decided to blog for two main reasons:

First, when we were trying to know more about the community of Sohag and to better grasp social cues and speak the same language of the community; consequently, carry out a meaningful intervention. It was really challenging to collect substantial information about Sohag from a distance due to the lack of resources. We barely found any clear maps of Sohag cities. It took us a while before we gave up and headed to Sohag. Our knowledge of Sohag grew slowly and collectively through our meetings with many people and local NGOs.

That is why; we decided to help others whether individuals or organizations to know more about Sohag so they can contribute to its development.

Second reason is, that we would like to share our progress and activities in Sohag with as many people as possible to get and give recommendations and encourage more organizations to join forces or contribute on their own to Sohag’s development.


We will be blogging our progress, achievements, challenges, information about the place and the people, the team personal experiences, some stories from participants..etc.


We hope you enjoy reading our blog and find it useful. Your comments, suggestions and recommendations are really important to us.

Soad Hamed,

Project Manager


Disclaimer: This post represents mostly the team impressions, opinions and findings. Any facts or statistic will be attached to its reference.