In collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Etijah is working on strengthening national capacities for community-based interventions in reproductive health to empower women and young people in Sohag governorate.

The Project includes two main activities:

1- Raising awareness on reproductive health among young people (newly married and about-to-get-married youth).

The steps to reach this target are:

  • Selecting 10 NGOs in Sohag to build their capacity on Volunteerism Management.
  • Each NGO will invite 20 volunteers to attend a workshop on Reproductive health
  • After attending the training the 20 volunteers will organize an initiative to raise the awareness of 1000 young people on Reproductive Health.

2- Raising awareness on Reproductive health among married young people.

  • Inviting 240 young people from Sohag to attend a workshop on Reproductive Health.
  • Each young person should reach 20 young couple to raise their awareness on Reproductive Health.


The program will be implemented in five cities in Sohag:

1) Tema
2) Ikhmim
3) Sohag
4) el-Balyana
5) Dar Al Salam

Etijah has partnered with 10 NGOs in Sohag to implement this program:

1) Tanmeyet Al Mogtamaa- Al Mahmda Al Baharia
2) Al Gawda men agl Al tanmeya- Tonis (Sohag)
3) Tanmeyet Al Mogtama wa reaayet Al Falah- Edfa ( Sohag)
4) Al Watanyya letanmeyet Al Mogtama – Sohag
5) Al Tarik Al Gadid ( Sohag)
6) Roaya – Sohag
7) Al Nesaaya letahseen Al seha – Sohag
8) Sohba – Sohag
9) Al Khadamat Al igtmaaya- Neda ( Ikhmim)
10) Al Karnak- Nagaa Al Karnak- Dar Al Salam

Soad Hamed,

Program Manager