Partner: UN Women

Year of implementation: 2013

Public Debate and Dialogue Program (MonazraLand). Girls & Women Empowerment Bootcamp. A program sponsored by (UN Women) هيئة الأمم المتحدة للمرأة

Etijah used simulation methods to provide a fertile learning environment and real life experience for students as well as a training program based on its previous experience in training thousands of trainers in the young Arab voice.
Through the first of its kind debate board game ‘Monazra land’, participants learned through a rich edutainment game the debate skills, foundation of human rights and the essentials of peaceful coexistence. ‘Monazra land’ game was designed to be a unique interactive life simulation game that enables participants to live in a micro representation of our world highlighting the importance of dialogue for life.
The TOT program targeted 25 trainers from all over Egypt , most of them came from the four targeted governorates ( Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura and Aswan) planned for public debates , the participants were chosen as a result of a fair recruitment process. This training was held in Cairo for 5 days and one day for the debate festival.


Photos Credit: Tamer Eissa, Mazen Moneb, Khaled Tolba