Partners: The Synergos Institute,  Alwaleed Philanthropies (phase 2), and USAID (phase 1)

Year of implementation: 2013-2017

One of the most significant impacts of Etijah is a program of 2 phases Pioneers of Egypt in cooperation with the Synergos Institute. The overall goal of this program is to contribute to a successful transition to economic prosperity in Egypt by expanding social entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities, particularly for youth, and supporting the new generation of civil society and business leaders. In addition to enhancing the skills and leadership potential of a cohort of social entrepreneurs.
The program represents an investment in Egypt’s new leaders who have a key role to play in building the future of their country.
It aims at strengthening community-led initiatives in Egypt by working with social innovators and offering them financial awards, mentoring and strategic connections to increase the scale and sustainability of their initiatives, providing training and networking opportunities to start-up social entrepreneurs through trainings, workshops and exchanges with social entrepreneurs, and enhancing the skills of Egyptian youth through a volunteering program and providing them with on-the-job skill building.

The objectives of the program are to:

  1. Strengthen community-led initiatives in Egypt & Palestine that have demonstrated proof of concept promoting economic and social development by working with entrepreneurs who lead these initiatives.
  2. Enhance the skills and leadership potential of a cohort of start-up social entrepreneurs who are engaged in promising work, by providing them with training and networking opportunities.
  3. Build the skills of youth and enhance their employability through an internship program that will provide the participants with on-the-job skill building, training, and increased awareness of social entrepreneurship as a viable career path.
  4. Increase the awareness and visibility of social entrepreneurship and stimulate entrepreneurship, especially among youth, through competitions, media exposure, and knowledge dissemination activities to promote social entrepreneurship broadly in Egypt.

The program directly targets three groups of participants, who in turn reach a larger group of beneficiaries:

  • 75 Pioneers: Experienced social entrepreneurs who have started and continue to run successful business.
  • 250 Start-ups: Social entrepreneurs with promising ideas.
  • 2000 volunteers.