Partners: UNFPA and the Ministry of Youth and Sports

Year of implementation: 2017

“Model of Youth Centers” is a research implemented by Etijah, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the UNFPA, it is about developing the role of youth centers in Egypt to be more involved with the issues of the community especially youth issues. This research is targeting youth centers all over Egypt in 10 governorates in the delta and Upper Egypt in order to:

– Develop a mechanism to increase the level of participation of youth in youth centers especially female participation, by motivating women and girls to be more engaged in those activities and programs.

– Improve the activities and the programs offered by Egyptian youth centers.

– Improve the capabilities of the targeted Youth Centers.

The project focuses also on developing the structure of the administration and the employees in the targeted youth centers in order to enable them f to be more efficient and work effectively in the society.