Implementation year: 2013-2015

Partner: V-worx and Synergos

In collaboration with The Synergos Institute and V-Worx, Mobaderoon Masr (Pioneers of Egypt) project represented an investment in the new leaders who have a key role to play in building the future of their country.
Particularly, at this time of transition, access to funding, technical assistance, global and regional forums and networks, and mentors can be instrumental to enable entrepreneurs’ programs to function effectively and respond to emerging organizational needs and opportunities. The program serves as a vehicle for the disbursement of financial and capacity building grants to high-impact grassroots initiatives.

Etijah selected a group of 50 Egyptian innovators and provided them with a number of facilities such as clients in marginalized societies to facilitate near opportunities geographically and in order to enhance social and economic change, Etijah selected 200 participants who were in process of starting-up their projects and providing them with adequate training to help raise quality of their ideas through designing and providing training opportunities for another 1000 Egyptian youth, the partner institutions aimed at enhancing and empowering young people to reach initiatives run by the community in Egypt, and thus raised their awareness of the importance of social initiatives, and developing their skills.

The overall goal of this two-year program is to contribute to a successful transition to democracy and economic prosperity in Egypt by expanding employment and self-employment opportunities, particularly for youth, and supporting the new generation of civil society and business leaders. In implementing this program, V-Worx, Synergos and Etijah will leverage their experience supporting social entrepreneurs around the globe and particularly in the Arab region, as well as, in promoting leadership and creating employment opportunities for Egyptian youth.