Partner: British Council

Year of implementation: 2009-2014

Active Citizens is a global network of community leaders whose goal is to build understanding and trust between communities by establishing an enduring global network of community leaders, who can work together to address the global issues of the 21st century. Active Citizens uses international cultural relations to help tackle the major challenges facing communities. Etijah was the British Council’s local civil society partner in Egypt responsible for the implementation of Active Citizens through a set of trainings on citizenship locally and globally in the form of Training of trainers (ToT) followed by social initiatives to address different issues in local communities such as:
• Water campaign (No’tet maya initiative) in each of the following governorates: Cairo, El-Behira, El-Sharkiyah, El- Fayoum and Suez
• Planting 1000 fruitful trees and enhancing the local community in Al-Magd village in El Behira governorate in 2012.
• Training workshops in Dessya village in Fayoum governorate . A total number of 153 participants, 105 males and 48 females, attended the workshops. Out of those 153 participants, 24 participants, 15 males and 9 females attended the community assets mapping workshop. The result of those five workshops was three youth initiatives: a cultural centre, handmade carpets, and classes to eradicate illiteracy. Fayoum Governorate was chosen as it has a low rank on the Human Development Index and Dessya village especially as it is deprived of many essential and basic services.