Partner: Social Fund for Development

Year of implementation: 2015-2017

Youth unemployment is a serious challenge in Egypt. As per Egypt’s Central Agency for Public
Mobilization and Statistics (CAMAS), the unemployment rate among youth has reached 26 per cent. Etijah has mobilized its human resources Mobilizing Etijah’s human resources to take part in overcoming and eradicating this issue. Etijah gained a massive experience from past delivered training to 600 young women and men in 2012 and thus plans to utilize learned lessons and develop Etijah’s Academy curriculum to meet the needs of the new batch of 150 underserved youth residing in Al Zawya El Hamra, Manshieyt Nasser, Boulaq Abu El-Ella. Successful Etijah Academy graduates will be referred to Etijah’s partners for employment opportunities, and enrolled to a wide network of volunteers and skillful trainees.
Etijah Academy – Retail Program aims not only to equip youth with desired competent skills for the labour market, but also deepening Etijah’s comprehension of the “educated unemployment” phenomenon. Etijah Academy is established to devise measuring tools and techniques to cure the cumbersome financial ordeal majority of youth experience. The study’s aims are as follows:

1. Identify the needs of employers from Etijah’s potential human capacity,
2. Familiarize young job seekers with work environments and demands and comprehend their expectations.
3. Bracket widening gap between employers and job seekers.
4. Design a training manual to resolve all findings meaningfully.
5. Defining visual merchandising, sales skills, and retailing.