1. Internship at Etijah- Increasing the Awareness on Population issues

Etijah is an NGO that is keen to help and support young people all the way. That is why we encourage students and fresh graduates from skilled and motivated young people to join our internship program. The purpose of the internship is to provide an opportunity for young people to substantively contribute to and learn from our experience as well as the development field in Egypt. The intern will be given specific tasks and responsibilities and will be challenged to develop their capabilities and gain experience. The intern is expected to be flexible and to take part in various activities at the office and sometimes in the field.

  1. About the Project: Increasing the Awareness on Population issues

UNFPA and Etijah started their cooperation in June 2014 to support achieving the first output of the country programme Action Plan between the government of Egypt and UNFPA which is strengthening national capacities for community-based interventions in SRH to empower women and young people. The project has started only in Sohag by cooperating with 10 local youth NGOs. It worked on building the capacities of these NGOs and increasing the awareness of the communities in Sohag around reproductive health and gender issues. By increasing the capacities of the organizations through youth volunteers and the social community leaders in each respective community, the activities of the action are serving as a basic foundation on which the youth, women and leaders can all contribute to increased social awareness both during and after the end of the project. This community-based empowerment and civic engagement gives the society the tools it needs to reach a greater sense of ownership over the direction in which its medical and familial health is heading.

In order to extend the action in the sexual and reproductive health awareness arena and family planning in addition to putting it in the context of population issues, Etijah and the UNFPA have expanded their scope to include Assiut and Sharqia. Etijah also employed the MOU signed with the Ministry of Youth to cooperate with local youth centers in the three governorates: Sohag, Assiut and Sharqia which will enhance the sustainability of the intervention given the important role the youth centers are playing. That will also match and boost the 2015-2020 strategy of the government for SRH in Egypt. The program proposed here will plan for establishing the Population Awareness Clubs “PAC” to work as a part of the well-established network of Youth Centers all over Egypt. It aims at increasing the awareness on the population issues as elaborated by the National Population Council in 2014.

The rationale of the project’s extension is based on widening the scope of final beneficiaries that were primarily targeted in the phase of the project by reaching the scattered unprivileged villages in Sohag, Assiut, and Sharqia through capitalizing on the wide-spread network of Youth Centers that are already in action. Since most of the members of these youth centers are males, we would ensure the participation of both genders in the implementation of the project through Male Activism Groups and female volunteers from the local NGOs that were involved in the first phase of the project.

III. What are the benefits for the interns?

1) By the end of your internship, an intern should be able to:

  • Learn about how NGOs work in the field of SRHR and other population issues in Egypt
    • Learn about real project life cycle and get involved in part of the process.
    • Have an experience on working Youth Centers and local NGOs and their activities and functions
  1. Intern Responsibilities:
  • Conduct research on a variety of topics
  • Develop training material (translation / localization)
  • Write monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Organize training workshops
  • Assisting in planning and logistics requirements
  • Assist in proposal writing and other tasks related to the project
  • Travel assignments to Shaqria, Assiut and Sohag

3)Receiving a reference letter clarifying your internship details and reporting your progress
4) When Etijah has any available vacancy, previous interns will have the priority in case they are interested and match the criteria of the job offered.

  1. Internship Details
    1) Duration: 3 months with a possibility of extension


Eligibility Criteria
• Internships are offered to fresh graduates

  • Relevant university degree (Medicine related degrees are highly encouraged to apply)
  • Good knowledge and familiarity of SRHR and Gender issues is required.
  • Native Arabic speaker.
  • Report writing in English is required.
  • Advanced computer skills (MS office and internet research) is required.
  • Training delivery experience will be an asset.
  • Committed, flexible, responsible and reliable.
  1. How to apply
    • Send your updated CV to apply@etijah.org with the subject “Internship Program”
    • Send a cover letter explaining your motivation and a description of what you hope to achieve during your internship at Etijah. Specify your main skills and interests and relate them to our thematic areas of work. Deadline for receiving applications November 19th2015