Partner: Plan International

Year of implementation: 2014-2015

In collaboration with Plan International, Etijah proposes a capacity-building training and awareness raising through package of Training of Trainers (TOTs) programs that will create opportunities for girls and women particularly and youth between 15 and 30 years old and Community Development Associations (CDAs) to learn and practice active citizenship in a way that makes a real difference to them and their communities. Etijah will also offer a tailored curriculum built on international best practices of dialogue and debate, conflict resolution, personal development, leadership, community service, problem solving, election campaigns and volunteerism, to a group of 25 participants from South-Cairo and East-Cairo.

This ToTs program will provide young participants with a strong professional framework based on international active citizenship best practices, tools, ethics and principles. Participants will develop insights into patterns of cultural and political relations in which motions are located, with particular reference to economically and culturally diversified communities in South-Cairo and East-Cairo. This program will equip participants with a wide range of skills including the use of social media, leadership, organizing and marketing debate events, elections campaigning, networking, and raising public awareness.