Partner: UNFPA

 Year of implementation:2013

The initiative aims at generating a national youth dialogue over the 2013 Constitution to activate the role of youth and to find the way that the coming constitution can enhance the value of citizenship. The initiative used various methods and channels, such as social media and focus groups in the 27 governorates for the target group (high school students and youth between 16 and 30). A box was placed in secondary schools to collect the perceptions and ideas of students about the Constitution. For the implementation of the initiative, Etijah had 2 coordinators in each governorate to collect those suggestions and rephrase them as recommendation to be presented to Mrs. Mona Zol Fukar vice president of the constitution drafting committee during the period of the committee’s work. Moreover, youth had the opportunity to express their concerns and their main questions on a lot of topics such as the unemployment and others. As for the activities, a page on Facebook was launched and provincial questionnaires targeted young Egyptian to determine their perception of the constitutional process and their top priorities of amendments.