We are looking for Companies or organizations to develop a youth friendly mobile learning application integrated for Ma3looma. Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah), on behalf of United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA), seeks to support Ma3looma to take advantage of the expanding Mobile and Internet expansion in Egypt, to seek proposals from private organization/s in the field of innovative educational content development and program management, to develop engaging and innovative content for a comprehensive sexual education (CSE) curriculum for an SRH mobile learning application for Egyptian young people, integrated into the Ma3looma services.

Ma3looma is a cross-media life skills program that enables and encourages young people to engage with sexual and reproductive health issues.


DEADLINE: Wednesday, September 16th 2015 15:00

Please check the TORfor more details. Bids should be submitted in two different envelopes by hand at Etijah (56 Nozha st. Heliopolis,) Bids sent be email will be dismissed