Partner: UNFPA

Year of implementation: 2017-2018

Youth and Development Consultancy Etijah and the UNFPA are establishing Social Centers to empower Syrian women in Egypt. Two centers have been established in Giza and Damietta governorates in order to provide different kind of support to Syrian Women and girls in Egypt to help them overcome the social challenges they face.

The two centers are organizing the following activities to provide mental health support to the targeted women:

  • Group Therapy to resolve common problems such as: depression, fears, and challenges they are facing as refugees, social anxiety…etc. Talking and listening to others helps the participants put their own problems in perspective.
  • Contemporary Plastic Art Workshops; participants are encouraged to explore their feelings using art materials such as paper and paint, collage, clay and sculpture (wood, wire, metal mesh, found materials, including natural materials such as leaves or stones).
  • Music Therapy Workshop; it is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. Music may be used with guided imagery to produce altered states of consciousness that help uncover hidden emotional responses and stimulate creative insights.
  •  Story telling Workshop to encourage the girls and women to tell their stories and relief the pain to overcome whatever they facing in their lives.
  • Wen-Do classes that includes a variety of physical and verbal self-defense techniques, awareness and avoidance of threatening situations.
  •  One to one Counseling by psychiatric to deal with the recommended cases from the psychologist who is available daily.
  •  Emergency Reproductive Health sessions covering important topics such as: early marriage, gender based violence, pregnancy and child delivery … etc.